Let me begin by commending Biafrans home and abroad, and when I say Biafrans I mean the Igalas, Igbankes, Ijaws, Ibibios, Anangs, Igbos, Calabaris, Idomas, Ogonis etc. I commend them for their new awakening spirit, their resoluteness to get back their home land BIAFRA. I must also commend friends of Biafra and the lovers of peace worldwide for their moral, tactical, financial and material support from 1967-2016 they have resolved to be with Biafrans at all times. I MUST APPRECIATE AND SALUTE MAZI NNAMDI KANU THE PRINCE AMONG PRINCES, THE TRIGGER OF THIS WORLDWIDE BIAFRAN REVOLUTION, HIS PARENTS, ALL THE INDIGINEOUS PEOPLE OF BIAFRA IN THE FRONTLINES, NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL COORDINATORS, DR. CLIFFORD IROANYA COORDINATOR OF ALL CORDINATORS, PEOPLE AND GOVERNMENT OF ISRAEL, RUSSIA WHO HAVE AT LEAST COME OPENLY TO DEMAND THE RELEASE OF OUR DIRECTOR MAZI NNAMDI KANU AND NUMEROUS PEOPLE THAT ARE PRESENTLY STEPPING IN TO SEE THAT BIAFRA SOVEREIGN NATION IS RESTORED. Biafrans, as you all know that our land Biafraland have been occupied for the past 50 years, we were mascercred in millions just because of who we are, apart from Israel, no nation on planet earth have gone through our experience in hands of British agents the Islamic SATANIC hausa/Fulani/Yoruba conspirators and survive. Their intention was to kill every Biafran from the age of three Months, they used chemical weapons and put time and date SIX MONTHS when Biafrans will be exterminated from the face of the earth, they failed, because their technology was shallow, crude and their army weak and feable. Because SATAN THE ISLAMIC JIHADIST CANNOT GIVE UP EASILY, their last attempt was the use of unconventional method of winning the war which their army failed to win in battlefield and in physical combert, they threw FOOD BLOCKADE AS THEIR LAST JOKER hoping to wipe out Biafrans within three Months, it pacially succeeded because their target was not Biafran elite army but women, children and the elderly ones killing 3.5million innocent people. That act today 21st century being Thursday 24th Match, 2016 is known and called GENOCIDE. CHIUKWU OKIKE ABIAMA stood in the gap, Nnamdi Kanu was saved, Mazi Mefor the deputy director radio Biafra was saved, mazi Obinna, Udeagha and my humble self Benjamin Kish Nete-anya Chiagoro was saved. The bad news here is that the enemies that committed the atrocities are now walking in our streets, the Antichrist, Gog and Magog the chief prince of meshek and tubal are now poised to lunch their last and unholy onslaught, all the Arab Muslim world headed by Saudi Arabia are allining Islamic forces namely: boko haram, ISIS, AL-QAIDA terror network, Islamic terror in bagrad, the zoo Nigeria army, the terror groups of Shiite, Sunnis and all Islamic nations are gathering their arm forces against Biafraland. As America went to sleep under president Obama, Europe is according Britain unnecessary respect as a member of European Union, Christian nations like Italy, France, Germany etc are all watching Islam penetrating Biafraland without saying or doing anything. Testing dose was delivered to BIAFRANS on the 9th February, 2016 in Aba Biafraland, the organization of Islamic countries are testing their might to see how the world will react if the extermination proper takes place, the Adulf Hitler of Africa the dullard and dreg in Aso rock Mohamadu Buhari have the backings of all Moslems worldwide, he has been mandated to kill, kill and kill Biafrans until they will be forced to convert to Islam, practice sharia or be wiped out.We can no longer afford to be talking on the radio biafra alone, mazi Alphonsus Uche Mefor is handling that aspect very well. Biafran scientists all over the world must be assembled, because time are different.
They gave us Biafrans Bible, but gave our enemies Ak-47 Asult riffles, we will not throw away the Bible but we will not hold the Bible alone, the holy scriptures in our hands must be accompanied by weapons, this time not into self defense but to destroy any human who has a hand in the GENOCIDE against Biafrans in 1967-1970 and in the massacre of unarmed Biafrans from 1970-2016. THE BIBLE THE COLONIAL MASTERS GAVE SAID AND I QUOTE: ( He that sheddeth man's blood by man shall his own blood be shed Genesis chapter 9:6) off quotes. The flaming sword of CHIUKWU OKIKE ABIAMA has been handed over to mazi Nnamdi Kanu, he in turn has handed the sword to every INDIGINEOUS sons and daughters of Biafra that is why the onslaught must come from us the Biafrans and not from the enemies anymore.As mazi Uche Mefor have said, the enemy can no longer dictate for Biafrans when to fight, where to fight and how to fight. Bible in our left hand, flaming sword in our right hand and let every INDIGINEOUS people of Biafra IPOB hold a mock battle at home with your sons, daughters, friends, relations and associate because time are different.

Fulani's are estimated to be at least 5 million people, without education, natural resources, physical endowment other that cattle rearing, they have no place they can call their home anywhere in the world, they are simply a willing tool, a cursed apes and rejects among decent citizens of the world. The mandate given to sll Bianfrans is to face, fight and defeat them and their allies. Every mosque, every institution standing in Biafraland shall be destroyed, any child born to a Biafran man by an Hausa or Fulani is a Biafran but any child born to an Hausa or Fulani man by a Biafran woman is an Ishmaelite and must be rejected completely. Okorocha cannot continue to be used in destroying Biafrans, Ogbonnaya Onu and the rest of saboteurs will have no place in Biafra we will at appointed time do to them what Israel did to Acan in Joshua chapter 7. OHANAEZE Ndi-Igbo must throw away the red cap they are wearing because it belong to Borno tribes in Maiduguri
By,Benjamin Kish.
For UmuChiukwu Writers
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  1. Americans must condemn the killing of people of Biafrans by buhari and his evil brothers in nigeria.
    It's evil if American government keep mute. We have right to live as indigenous people.
    You claims the highest Democratic nation on earth, lead by example, thanks.