The rate at which Muhammadu Buhari has decided to lecture the UN government, is quite alarming and disgraceful to those who present themselves as UN partners. The dullard in power has become so determined to turn the law guiding a whole UN Upside down without anyone saying anything about it. He has become the only president that will flout court orders, the only president that controls the three arms of government, the only president that orders the security agency to kill and use chemical weapons on peaceful protesters. In America and other countries that are civilized, when you go out for protest, you are guided by the security, then at last, your quest will be granted. But in Nigeria, reverse becomes the case.
UN should by now be covering their faces with shame because an illiterate came in from nowhere decided and determined to destroy the law guiding the UN government, and they all pretended not to know anything about it. Nnamdi Kanu only asked for the freedom of his people, Biafra and he was thrown into the prison, it means the founders of UN whom included self determination as a universal law, should route in jail or persecuted. It means USA shouldn't exist in the first place because, they fought and sought for their freedom just as we are doing, and they were left With it.
In the same vain, the peadophile and dullard has declared self determination an act of treason, while he Buhari has openly declared his support for the self determination of Palestinians In Israel, despite the fact that the Palestine are not indigenous people of Israel as we Biafrans are, and the fact that the Israeli government, has commenced the legal proceedings of granting Palestine their quest. The dullard has made fool of himself by supporting Palestine but killing and unlawfully detaining Biafrans. As If it was not enough, he is also backing the united Sahara Arab to secede from Morocco, but dullard has being
doing the opposite in Nigeria. He has termed self determination to become treason, because he is not educated to have know the difference. How did self determination become similar over night when UN still exist? The worst is that the man that accused one of treason is guilty of the same offence by overthrowing a Democratic government of Shehu Shagari in the year 1983, without any punishment or apology to the citizens, he has become the president of the country. Is this not hypocrisy at the highest order?
Without any further doubt, he wants innocent mazi Nnamdi Kanu to pay for the crimes he Buhari committed in 1983. An offence that can lead to death sentencing or life imprisonment, Buhari jumped it and today, he is the president and he still has the audacity to point accusing finger on a man who has no interest on the government, talk less of overthrowing it. Indeed Nigeria is a big time joke, they have shown the world How clueless and impotent they are, they have also vindicated the greatest prophet of our time that they are indeed animals living in the zoo. Finally Britain, America and other countries should denounce self determination or caution this dullard before it's too late. God bless Biafra and her people, Isee iseee iseeeeee.
By Emmanuel Precious, 
UmuChiukwu Writers
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