It is recorded that 7 continents exist on earth. Amongst this is Africa where the agitation for Biafra has taken its role. Since this agitation started, not less than 4 million Biafrans have been killed. These were men, women and children who did nothing other than seeking for self determination.

This has being happening since 1967 till date, no one has spoken against it. Nigeria is a signatory of the UN charter on self determination, but they have insisted to keep an indivisible one Nigeria just because of oil.
Upon all the atrocities committed against the Biafrans, no country has come out openly to speak against these atrocities in recent times. Biafra is all about freedom. Biafra is the emancipation of Africa from the colonial masters’ stranglehold. Biafra is for equity and justice. Biafra is for peace and the right to live.
The world should note that Biafra agitation is a selfless quest that will benefit not only its inhabitants, but also the world at large. Take for instance, after the civil war in 1970, we were left with nothing. Nigeria returned only 20 pounds to every Biafran that had money in the bank, irrespective of the amount the Biafran kept in his/her account(s).

They robbed us of every of our properties. But in all, we survived and today by the grace of Chukwu Okike Abiama (God Almighty), we have the power to control the economy of Nigeria.
Biafra has natural resources which can be of benefits to other countries. We are also industrious and have what it takes to build a good nation not only for our own benefits, but world at large. African countries, it's high time you rise to your responsibilities and do the needful by declaring support for Biafra because, you will benefits from it.

The world at large should wake up and defend Biafrans since we stand to advance the welfare of all. Our quest is not a selfless one. Biafra is legitimate and it is our right? When we develop, other countries around us will develop because “development is infectious”. This can be seen from the case of Singapore. The nations around Singapore have being striving and tapping the necessary impetus to keep abreast with the development in Singapore. 

Educationally, their higher institutions depend on Singapore for research material, including journals since many of them are yet to subscribe to some high quality journal databases. Health wise, they depend on Singapore for critical diagnoses and treatments. Gradually, many of them are becoming self reliant. Even Malaysia from which Singapore emerged depended on Singapore for electricity needs and get most of her refined petroleum products from Singapore.
By: Precious Emmanuel 
Edited by Oghenevwe Onoriode
For Umuchukwu Writers
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