Ohanaeze at a gathering

The news broke last week that Ohanaeze Ndigbo, an inconsequential group of carpetbaggers, which prides itself as Igbo leadership group, had met with some foreigners from the United States of America (USA) to discuss issues concerning Nigeria. It turned out that the issue they discussed had to do with the worldwide protests by Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) – protests that have been on since October last year.
The group was reported to have betrayed their people – the Igbo people, a subset of Biafran peoples – by telling the foreigners the same nonsense they vomited when they signed a press statement on Sunday, February 21, with the dubious and manipulative Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF). The statement, in the main, was that Ndigbo still had faith in Nigeria, and had agreed to live together in one indivisible Nigeria. Some of the mundane and childish demands Ohanaeze made were roads and gutters to be built for them.
Many Biafrans, on hearing the news, were incensed. They upbraided the group for betraying the people’s greatest aspiration. Yes, the people have many aspirations, but their greatest aspiration has always been freedom! It has never been hidden. Without mincing words, freedom was the reason Biafrans fought the British to a standstill before colonialism. It was an aspiration for which more than three million Biafrans were killed during the 1967 to 1970 Biafra/Nigeria war. It was also an aspiration for which many in this dispensation, spurred on by Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) leadership, have been on the barricade and protesting worldwide.
It was therefore, not lost on Biafrans that Ohanaeze must have, as usual, collected bribe from the Nigerian government to work against their own people’s greatest aspiration.
Biafrans paid huge price for freedom
Now, rather than quietly leave the public space, to go hide their shameless faces in some obscure places, Ohanaeze tried to intimidate and ridicule the Biafrans. It did this through its Secretary Joe Nworgu, who argued that Radio Biafra was lying on its account concerning the meeting. He advised the youths and Radio Biafra to stop preaching hate.
This was part of what he wrote: “The Radio Biafra people should please take time to investigate before airing. It is wrong to air outright falsehood and outright fabrication. This is not the way forward. He who goes to equity must come with clean hands. Radio Biafra should not air untruth.”
In the statement he release on Friday, February 26, Nworgu gave his own version of what transpired, stating that “the new United States Consul General in Nigeria, John Bray and his team had a meeting with Ohanaeze Ndigbo at Nike lake hotel. This was part of His Excellency’s familiarisation tour of the country. He was in the southeast.”
“Since a few days ago when Radio Biafra carried the news item that the Ohanaeze Ndigbo had aborted the actualisation of Biafra as a country, numerous text messages and telephone calls have been received by the Secretary General, Nworgu”.
He even went as far as stating that the Consul General also had the same meeting with peoples of Northern and western Nigeria. But the question is: “Since when did it become a rule for USA Consul Generals to start touring parts of Nigeria in a familiarization tour? Ohanaeze is being crafty by half. It knows that no such thing has ever happened before. And it knows that this one happened because they (USA) wanted to take a position on the worldwide protest that Biafrans have been using their time, talents and resources to hold?
Biafrans suffered hardship for their freedom
Nworgu, Has anybody asked Ohanaeze about Igbo perception of Nigeria before IPOB took it upon themselves to liberate the Biafrans from the evil and expired contraption called Nigeria? The simple explanation is that the new Ambassador wanted to know the perception of Ndigbo about Nigeria because IPOB has been telling the world that they wanted out of the evil contraption because it has expired. Why did Nworgu not tell them that? Why did Nworgu not tell them about Biafrans that have been murdered by Nigeria, and those (that as we speak) are being tortured in Army and Police cells. No! they had to compromise because of the bribe money and slave appointments they were expecting from Nigeria’s evil government.
The next question: “Is Ohanaeze Ndigbo – the certified gang of old fools, who have always been enemies within – qualified to stand and speak for Ndigbo? We know Ohanaeze does not speak for Ndigbo, its membership does not care about Igbo welfare and have not achieved any single thing for Ndigbo since it was formed by National Party of Nigeria (NPN), an enemy of Ndigbo.
Nworgu tried to ridicule Radio Biafra and IPOB by sensationalizing the issue. He said: “He (the Consul General) had meetings with the governors in the various states. In Enugu, the headquarters of Ohaaneze, he had a meeting with us on Igbo perception of Nigeria. This meeting is what has been distorted to be ‘some white men from Africa came to give Biafrans independence. Of course, this cannot be the process of granting anybody independence.'”
Nworgu, did the people not come from America? Were there no white men in the delegation? Why were they looking for Igbo perception of Nigeria? Joe Nwaogu, or whatever you call yourself, you cannot sensationalise this matter and think that you can ridicule or intimidate Biafrans. IPOB and Biafra restoration moves have come a long way for old fools like you to
Biafran have continued to demonstrate worldwide
stand in the way.
This is 2016 and not 1967 – 70. We are not talking of a Nigeria that still had some legitimate reasons to exist with Biafraland in its territory. We are talking of a contraption that seized to exist since the last day of 2014. Igbo youths are well informed, apart from those minions you keep as Ohanaeze youths.
Radio Biafra never uttered any of such rubbish that you claim. The fact is that Consul General came with the American delegation on a fact-finding mission concerning the worldwide protest of IPOB (Igbo perception of Nigeria). But as the gang of thieves you all have always been, you misinformed him so that you can collect your kick-backs and slave appointments from Buhari’s foot soldiers. Shame on you, Ohanaeze!

Tim Tochukwu
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