Nobody can stop biafra restoration 

In my previous article on the above topic I tried quoting a rights activist who faulted the gross abuse of human right perpetrated on Nnamdi KANU by the DSS led Buhari of Nigeria. Thus the quote continues as ; Provided below is the Detention Time Limits under Part 30 of the Administration of the Criminal Justice Act of 2015 (ACJ Act, 2015)), relating to stipulated periods upon which a citizens accused of committing any offense in Nigeria can be held in pretrial detention through “court remand”, pursuant to application for and issuance of order ex parte at the Magistrate Court. By Section 293 

(1) of the Act, a suspect arrested for an offense which a magistrate has no jurisdiction to try shall, within a reasonable time of arrest, be brought before a magistrate court for remand. (2) An application for remand under Section shall be ex parte and shall: (a) be made in the in the prescribed “Report and Request for Remand Form”, as contained in Form 8, in the First Schedule to this Act, and (b) be verified on oath and contain reasons for the remand request. By Section 295, the Court may, in considering an application for remand, brought under Section 293 of this Act, grant bail to the suspect brought before it, taking into consideration the provisions of Sections 158 to 188 of this Act relating to bail; Section 296 (1), where an order for remand of the suspect is made pursuant to Section 293 of this Act, the order shall be for period not exceeding 14 days in the first instance, and the case shall be returnable within the same period. 

(2) Where, on application in writing, good cause is shown why there should be an extension of remand period, the court may make an order for further remand of the suspect for a period not exceeding 14 days and make the proceedings returnable within the same period.

(3) Where the suspect is still in custody on remand at the expiration of the period provided for under subsection (1) or (2) of this Section, the Court may, on the application of the suspect, grant in accordance with the provisions of Sections 158 to 188 of this Act. By Section 296(4), at the expiration of remand order made pursuant to subsection (1) or (2) of this Section, and where the suspect is still remanded with his trial having not commenced, or charge having not been filed at the relevant court having jurisdiction, the Court shall issue a hearing notice on: (a) the Inspector General of the Police or the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF), (b) the Commissioner of Police of a State or the Federal Capital Territory, or the AGF, as case may be, or (c) any relevant authority in whose custody the suspect is or at whose instance the suspect is remanded, and adjourn the matter within a period not exceeding 14 days of the expiration of the period of remand order made under subsection.

(1) or (2) of this Section, to inquire as to the position of the case and for the IGP or the State CP and the AGF to show cause why the suspect reminded should not be unconditionally released. Further, by Section 296(5), where the IGP or the State CP and the AGF show good cause pursuant to subsection (4) of this Section and make a request to that effect, the Court: (a) may extend the remind of the suspect for a final period not exceeding 14 days for the suspect to be arraigned for trial before an appropriate court; and,
(b) shall make the case returnable within the said 14 days from the date the hearing notice was issued pursuant to subsection (4) of this Section, and where the suspect is still remanded in custody after the expiration of the extended period under subsection (5) of this Section, the Court shall with or without application to that effect, discharge the suspect and the suspect shall be immediately released from custody. (6) Where a good cause is not shown for continue remand of the suspect pursuant to subsection
(7) No further application for remand shall be entertained by any court after the proceeding in subsection (6) of this Section. Looking at the trend of things in the country today, what is your biggest fear? My biggest fear is that Buhari is insincere and that insincerity is leading him from one error to another, revealing the despot he is , the tyrant, murderer and genocide initiator, corrupt ridden charisma he is, He’s being insincere with his selective fight against corruption. 

He is shielding his loyalists and then bearing his fangs on his opponents , trying to exterminate the Biafra restoration and in the process assassinate Nnamdi KANU , if not, why would he tag a freedom fighter that he has committed treasonable felony? Is agitation of self determination in anyway treasonable felony? He doesn’t want that insincerity to be discovered. He wants to cover up and in covering up, he wants to silence every other person. If it gets to a stage where people can’t be silenced, it will get to a stage where people will be assassinated as he is murdering peaceful protesting Biafrans on daily basis, where companies will be closed down. Nigeria is moving towards the precipice of anarchy. I know that it will get to a time when people will be using the president as an example of disobedience of court orders. People who do ordinary businesses, who do ordinary
transactions will also be taking the laws into their own hands. It will spill over to the barracks and policemen will like to arrest people without following due process. It will spill over to every facet of our lives, whereby people will begin to embrace impunity without regards for the rule of law. It will get to a period when people will no longer respect judges, people will no longer respect the court. but Biafra shall still come and that is the only reason and hope upon Nnamdi Kanu's faith is built on. Nobody can stop Biafra restoration. 

Ezekwereogu John 
For UmuChiukwu Writers

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