NIGERIANS, CRYING OUT FOR PEACE, NONE IS CRYING OUT FOR JUSTICE : Justice, is giving an adequate fair judgement on a particular issue for peace to reign among two individuals or groups. Now we all know that peace can never exist without justice playing it's role. mind you if you are careful enough, peace can never reign until it is adequately justified.

you might wonder, why am saying this, come to think of it, how many Nigerians are crying for justice to be displayed against Biafrans? How many have asked for the prosecution of those behind the genocide against Biafrans in the name of war back in 1967-1970? How many has asked the genocides, the crimes of 3.5 innocent children, men and women massacred in cold blood?

It is incredible that all these atrocities were committed against Biafrans, and was swept under the carpets, but today we have raised up again to demand for our rights which was the same reason they killed us back then. 

They killed and buried us, without knowing that we are seeds. After 45 years of civil war, we are still here to ask for the same course which is Biafra. Now has anyone cared to know the reason? the answer is no. How can they know when they are busy looking for a way to wipe us away? Anyway let me tell you the reason it happened this way.
1.They refused justice to prevail after the genocide committed in the name of civil war 2. They failed to address the issue the way it supposed to have been addressed 3. The same thing that interrupted the civil war/genocide, continued without anyone giving a dame.
can you now believe me that justice was never allowed to play it's role? And they are praying and crying for peace to reign, isn't that a great night mare? All we want is justice, and the only justice we need is Biafra, after justice, comes peace. Give us Biafra, self determination is a universal law, and not treasonable crime. Written by Emmanuel Precious, 
Edited by Udeagha Obasi
For Umuchukwu writers .
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