Map of the fake country
By Kelechi Okorie
Biafra Choice Writers

“While the people lived with mutual suspicion of one another, the Fulani and Yoruba use the opportunity to steal their resources. This is a rallying call to the peoples of Biafra, to come together to battle their common enemy.”

 Amalgamation of Southern and Northern protectorates of Nigeria by Fedrick Lugard in 1914 is nothing but a fraud. It is also a crime against humanity. The fact that the contraption they called Nigeria was brought into being by force, and without the consent of the peoples makes it a fraud. The fact that millions of people, especially Biafrans, were killed and have continued to be killed just to make Nigeria exist is a crime against humanity.  
British government purchased the vast territory from Royal Niger Company at the sum of 865,000pounds in 1900, which they said gave them proprietary rights over the contraption. To many people at the time, they considered it a joke that a company that had come to do business in their land would become the owner of the land to sell it to colonizers. But Britain was able to sustain it and make it look like reality for two reasons. They formed and sustained it by force; and they were able to hold the people down with divide-and-rule strategy. They were so successful at it to the extent of denying peoples their God-given right and the internationally recognized right of self-determination.
The first level of divide-and-rule was the division of the peoples in the contraption by choosing those to be used against the others – Fulani people. The second was the division among Biafrans, whose resources they hoped to steal.
For the first, a former British Administrator to Nigeria Harold Smith have had to – from time to time – open up on how the first census in the country was rigged to give to the Fulani (British house-niggers) and the Hausa people (the Fulani slaves) the majority. When results were announced Northern Nigeria (desert and semi desert lands) were allocated 55million instead of 32 million.
This was to allow the Northern Fulani people to control the contraption. But instead of using the power given to them to work for the progress of the contraption and its peoples, the Fulani has used it to steal, and those that would not allow them to steal, they terrorize and kill. Now, because the British had agreement with them, which allows them to indirectly suck the country dry, they (the British) turn their backs to the atrocities of the Fulani and the North.
Buhari, the joker seeking help where there is none
This is why Nigeria is among the worst countries of the world. It does not develop; and it does not progress. It has remained backward and under-developed with its daft and parasitic rulers hopelessly roaming the world seeking succor, but refusing to look inward to find a lasting solution.
Why Biafrans are suffering today is because they were the ones that understood what Britain had done with their destinies, and have continued to resist it. Britain on their part understood how indomitable the Biafran spirit is and so they put structures in place to counter it. One of the structures was dividing Biafrans and making sure they do not fight as a block. For instance, they established the Willink’s commission, claiming it was to find a way to promote the minorities at the independence of Nigeria. But it was just a ploy to sow the seed of suspicion among the peoples and to make them live in suspicion of one another.
But there were no mino
rities in Biafraland before the British came; the people lived in peace, cooperated and intermarried; no group dominated the other. Divide-and-rule gave birth to christening and rechristening, to make the people to continue to see themselves as different peoples – South-east; South-south; Niger Delta; Delta; and several others. Meanwhile nobody was dividing the different people-groups in the North and the West.
This way, Britain was able to deceive the so-called minorities that what we have today is a Biafraland that is severally divided and at the mercy of the Fulani and the Yoruba. While the people lived with mutual suspicion of one another, the Fulani and Yoruba use the opportunity to steal their resources, and hand over to Britain.

Biafrans protest
This is a rallying call to the peoples of Biafra, come together to battle our common enemy. After that we can all go home and resolve our internal differences. This joke called Nigeria must be returned to the joke it originally was”
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