Many countries that was built upon the blood of hapless citizens of the world have perished without historical traces. The first world known prosperous empire was Egypt, their economy was built by the HEBREWS who came into the land by a stroke of luck, it was not a planned sojourn but a divine arrangement and not even the Hebrews themselves knew what was happening in and around them. The supernatural creator chose to use a particular tribe to propelled a global wind of positive economic change, they built temples, highways, bridges, dams, Ramses, amphitheatres, defense weapons, agriculture, technology, homes, international trade routes, merchant ships, communication and zoology. The more they built Egypt the more the so called Egyptians hate them despise them and kill them, to the extent that pregnant women are forced to carry bricks, basins of sands and stones.
80 years old Hebrew man will be beaten while digging a well, their were forced to carry lots of woods by the Egyptian taskmasters. The torture brought out the best out of the now nicknamed HEBREW SLAVES, in science, inventions, technology and business etc.
Whom will they call for help Egypt then has been built as SUPER POWERS IN THE WHOLE WORLD, their firm was heard all over the world.The Hebrews have only one option left, and that was to cry and weep calling upon their God for help.

Their God did respond by sending them a man of Hebrew blood, but trained and brought up in the tradition and culture of Egypt, his name is MOSES. Through him the Hebrews was freed from the chains and bondage of slavery. God did not instruct Moses to go to war with Egypt, he was instructed to destroy Egypt with TRUTH, God said to him confront Pharaoh Neco with the words of truth I will harden his heart so as to use him to show my power to other heathen nations of the world. The same history has repeated itself in west African region, the British government forced Biafrans with two other HEATHEN tribes, namely the Yorubas, Hausa, and Fulanis into one country, two of the tribes was given political power with which to enslave the Biafrans, who through their talents and natural gift like their brothers the Hebrews in Egypt built Lagos commercial capital of Nigeria and Abuja the political capital of Nigeria.
They were also hated and despised, enslaved and killed in millions because they are gifted, talented, scientific and industrious.God used ten plagues to free his people from Egypt. He is now poised to use the same economic plagues to destroy Nigeria and free his people the BIAFRANS.
The ZOO called Nigeria is already PLAGUED with 
(1) BLOOD. The Egyptian water was turned into blood, in Nigeria there is no more natural drinkable water, people from the Islamic north hausa/fulanis are drinking animal urine, untreated disease infested well water called riggia which is stinking marshy water. Some of the hausa/fulanis have not taken their birth for weeks running into Months. Number 
(2) PLAGUE IS FOGS: There is restlessness throughout northern Nigeria due to strange frogs that emerge from nowhere every evening it was so much then that whatever household utensils it touched become contaminated, and the infected pots, spoons, knives, cups even sleeping mats all carry unknown disease which killed a number of children from early age, it was not known throughout Nigeria because world health organization stepped in using oil proceeds to purchase pest control chemical and equipment, individuals is being treated as you read this article.
PLAGUE number (3) is GNATS or lice if you like, no hausa man, woman or animals in the northern Islamic caliphate of nigeria that is not a carrier of gnats, bedbugs in his/her hair, cloths, mats or in their bed you can check go to their interior villages you will run away because of this God sent termites, it makes them look so dirty and unkempt even when they manage to get to southern Nigeria they are easily identified because of that.
PLAGUE number (4) is flies, swarms of flies flew into the foods, no matter how you cover it, if you are northern Muslim you must share the food with flies, some in an attempt to separate the flies from the food, throw away the entire unhygienic meal you can check.
PLAGUE number (5) Animal infection, throughout the history of the zoo called nigeria , there is no village in the south where chicken, cow or goat die in thousands, just last january/February 2016 thousands of cows died in the north and are still dying the northern politicians attributed it to boko haram that the Islamic terror group poisoned their river, if that is true, how come that no human being died of the same poison from the same water? again, the poison could titular affected plants or unicellular plants that has active movements. The excuse is another cover up of God's punishment against Islamic northern Nigeria for the heinous crimes they are committing against God's people the BIAFRANS.
PLAGUE number (6) boil and sore, virtually every family in hausa/Fulani land has leprosy, polio meningitis and river blindness etc, I am in the field of health care and as a professional, i'm telling you what I witnessed all over the Islamic northern Nigeria.
PLAGUE number (7) Hail. This time God turned natural thunder lightning into burning of human habitats, houses, shops, supermarkets, companies, churches, mosques, cars, motor parks, wind and sandy desert encroachment and luxurious passenger buses, this is equivalents of destructive thunder and lightning strikes in nowadays.
PLAGUE number (8) Locus. Seams of millions of jobless and hopeless Islamic beggars, idle young boys and girls between the age of eight years thrown to the street with plate in hands, and this is how they operate, if they enter a restaurant and find someone eating, they will be moving around the fellow once he/she stretches his hands to take something from his pockets or drinking water, they the beggars will swarm over his food and eat it up then move to the next person indeed they are great LOCUST that have covered the land of the cursed northern Islamic murderous Nigeria.
PLAGUE number (9) Darkness. Permit me to inform you that PITCH BLACK DARKNESS HAVE COVERED THE ENTIRE ISLAMIC NORTHERN ZOO NIGERIA, that is the reason why all the preachers, evangelist, pastors, bishops, Baptist missionaries from United states and Europe, my humble self, Bishop David Oyedepo, bishop Mike Okonkwo, Rev Tunde Joda, late Evangelist Obadare, Professor Joseph Tunde Adedoku, Morris Cerullo, Reinhard Bonnke, Benny Hinn, Pastor David Yonggi Cho, Ayo Oritsejafor the C.A.N president and 700 club. could not attract light from God to shine in the north.
The darkness is getting thicker and thicker every day that is why massive unprecedented killings is ongoing throughout the north east, north west and north central YOU CAN CHECK.
PLAGUE number (10) FIRST BORN OF THE EGYPTIANS DIED. That is the last plague and Biafrans, friends of Biafrans, lovers of peace are waiting for and it will come, because God is in a haste to accomplish it, that is the death or capture of the sponsors, the master mind, religious, traditional rulers, top terrorist northern politician and their allies in south western Nigeria. They will all be assassinated either they kill themselves by themselves or unseen hand of CHIUKWU OKIKE AHBIAMA will do it and it will be crucial.
As you read this article, every thing that survive live is comatose, all has gone akinbo, my investigation revealed that Muhammadu Buhari the adult Hitler of 21st venturing Africa is not at peace, his households are all living in fear, it is regrets, regrets and regrets about why he should accept to be the ZOO NIGERIA PRESIDENT. He haven't seen anything yet. 
You can read the latest Bloomberg article how they rate Nigeria economy as in PERIL. LET THE SOVEREIGN STATE OF BIAFRA BE RESTORED THEN The plague will stop. Egypt has never again risen to be superpower in the world because of the atrocities they committed against the HEBREWS. Now is the time for the ZOO called Nigeria to pay it debt to history.
By Benjamin Kish
Editor Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers
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