Washington DC - Biafra is a charter member of the Organization of Emerging African States (OEAS), an international governmental organization that promotes self-determination and the end to colonial era boundaries in Africa. 
The OEAS is pleased to announce that the Hon. Robert K Dornan, US Congressman 1977-1997, former presidential candidate, and veteran of 12 Biafra Mercy Flights in 1969 supports the proposed Referendum on Biafra’s future.
Robert Dornan was US Congressman 1977-1997 & Veteran of Biafra Mercy Flights in 1969.
Mr. Dornan who witnessed firsthand the events of 1969 in Biafra has stated: “I say, the Biafrans have known suffering and death and as a responsible witness to that holocaust and as a Christian man of honor I add my voice to those calling for an internationally recognized referendum on the future of Biafra.”
He further cites in his statement in support of Biafra that the current geopolitical events which have brought ISIS and Boko Haram to the boundaries of Biafra imperils the lives of 40 million Christians and that president Buhari and the international community seem unable and unwilling to protect Biafrans
According to OEAS Chief Administrative Officer Jonathan Levy who worked with Mr. Dornan on his Biafra statement: “Robert K Dornan is a man of honor and integrity who has 
not forgotten the Biafran people or the tragic events of 1969. As a friend of Biafra and witness to history Mr. Dornan’s endorsement at this key juncture may be the torch that helps light the flame of freedom.”
A copy of Mr. Dornan’s complete signed statement on Biafra is attached.

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  1. Thank you Mr. R. Dorkan for sharing our plights. It shall be well with you in jesus name . Amen!
    Biafra must come with your help and voicing out!