DSS has risen significantly during this administration like their contemporary terrorists, this tells much about this administration,They are now tools used. In intimidating people. DSS are nothing but bingos in the hands of the Dullard. 

Impunity and lawlessness everywhere. Nigeria is gradually becoming a jungle society. Buhari started this trend and it will eventually catch up with him. Like BUHARI like DSS, no regard for Nigeria's legal system but want to be obeyed. 

gradually destroying nigeria's lip service democracy , gradually the courts are beginning to be submissive in the face of this tyranny. buhari has turned the DSS into Assassins, behaving like touts and gods. Buhari's hunting dogs! hunting Biafra and Nnamdi Kanu. 

this time, they will be hunted. Those guys epitomize what is wrong with Nigeria ,Steadily and gradually the judicial arm of Nigeria government is growing to weak to the EXCESSES of the executive arm of government led by a lawless DICTATOR. 

Recall that this same set of people unlawfully kidnapped Nnamdi Kanu of radio Biafra and held him hostage for days without access to a lawyer , even in the face of all these, they have been defiled court orders on several occasions but have yet been prosecuted or held for contempt of the court, this is because their master terrorist paedophile chief in charge BUHARI has been threatening the Judicial arm if they dare go against his tyrannical plans, 

this kind of things can only happen in Nigeria which stands against truth but uphold acts of terrorism, paedophilic attitudes and so on. DSS in nigeria is now an advanced arm of government who is against the law and involved in killing, murdering, man slaughter, terrorism, bribery, going against court rules in their to humiliate the institution of Biafra ordained by God,

the worst of it all is that they engage in these atrocities secretly . Currently they have brought the nigeria judiciary to a halt and mess as they acted as instructed by their master by indicting Judge Tosho to contradict a ruling he held previously on secret trial against Nnamdi KANU. Let the world bear witness to this that DSS of nigeria under BUHARI are now assassin's.

By, Ezekwereogu John /
Editor, Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu writers.
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