It is only a bastard that cannot prove his/her origin. Biafrans are not such people who do not have an origin. In the issue of Ateke, we are fully aware that the divide and rule tactics by the Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba just to have access to our natural resources is no longer news to us. 

Something is happening and that's the fear and worry of Hausa/Fulani oligarchy and their Yoruba slaves. You can fool people for some times, but not all the time. People of south-south are now coming back to their senses. 

They should save themselves the energy they are dissipating currently because, by the grace of Chukwu Okike Abiama, Biafra restoration has gotten to a point of no return. If you go to the north, we have Arewa Baki Daya, One North, Northern Governors Forum, etc despite about 200 strange and hostile ethnic nationalities in that region. 

Many lives and properties worth billions of naira are lost in the region annually due ethnic frictions. When you go to west, they have (OC) Oduduwa Congress, but if you come to the eastern region, they use divide and rule to destroy our God ordained unity in order to cheat, exploit and marginalize us. 

In the eastern region, we have a very harmonic relationship, with inter marriages that have literally erased communal boundaries. Time has come and it is now or never for the understanding of this desired unity for the eastern region. 

It is unfortunate that those who call themselves our leaders do not understand the glaring hypocrisy on the part of northern marauders. But, as we all know, truth can only be hidden for a while and not forever. Indeed the hidden truth has come out, and Biafra is a point of contact.
Britain and Buhari can pretend as much as they like, Biafra is God's mandate and they cannot do anything to stop it. Time has gone when they claim that we do not love one another. 

Today one million man match has proved them wrong. Anyone from either south south or southeast as they call it, that does not support the restoration of Biafra, is an offspring of Yoruba or Hausa blood, and such person should consult his/her mother to get the truth.

Such a person is not different for the likes of Rotimi (formerly erroneously called Chibuike) Amaechi and Alhaji Abdula-Thief CockRoach-as who have been confirmed through DNA test to be of Yoruba and Hausa origins respectively. 

Many of them know their history but are just there to divide the Biafrans. But one thing is certain, truth will always prevail. Sooner than they and their paymasters expected, they will be sent to where they belong. A true Biafran that has the same blood with me, cannot take bribe to disown his/her identity.
By: Emmanuel Precious, Edited by Oghenevwe Onoriode
for Umuchukwu Writters
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  1. As the saying of wise wisdom goes, Money is the root of all evil. Off course Hausa/Fulani, and Yoruba are known British puppet using money as the platform of divide and rule to manipulate the mindset of some idiotic long throat like Ateke, Okorocha. Obiano. Amaechi, Ohaneze, Father Mbaka, even Okowa and have shamefully sold their birth rights to Buhari. See how quickly they fell into the temptation on evil money? The moment they saw bag of load evil money, they forgot themselves, and gave up their birth rights to Buhari. These bunch of cowards have no place in Biafra because they have all soiled their hands in the disgrace of dirty unclean stained bribery money. They are not truthful courageous bold leader at all. Instead they are so frail that they have turned themselves into the Judas's and black sheep in Biafra. They are outcast who should be reminded that Judas betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. Judas handed Jesus to his enemy with a kiss. What became of Judas after betraying Jesus? Judas did net enjoy the thirty pieces of silver after all! Instead Judas went and committed suicide by hanging and the thirties pieces of silver lay scattered under the foot of the tree where Judas killed himself. Nigeria is already a dead country that is going nowhere and is going about buying off some cowards who shall all die and fade away with the already dead British Puppet Nigeria.

    All hail Biafra. There is light at the end of the tunnel for Biafra.