Buhari: The African Hitler
The African Hitler, Muhammadu Buhari made an international faux pas on Sunday, February 28, when he decided to entangle with the Israeli/Palestine conflict. He was in Qatar, where he declared support for the ‘two-state’ solution to the Israeli/Palestine conflict.
He was reported to have made the comment during a meeting with the Emir of Qatar, Tamim Bin Hammad Al-Thani. He was reported to have said, “I want to assure you that we will stand side by side with you, until our brothers and sisters in Palestine achieve their desired objectives.”
In addition he said: “Our support for various Security Council resolutions restoring and respecting 1967 boundaries with Jerusalem as capital of Palestine is firm and unshaken.”
Looked at from all ramifications, Buhari’s position could well be called “the madness of a ruler”. It is incomprehensible that at the current status of Nigeria, as an expired contraption, Buhari would stand up to make categorical international declarations that will be binding on all peoples that were part of Nigeria. Nigeria is no longer one; Nigeria has expired. Nigeria is on the part of disintegration; it is on its way to losing Biafraland as part of its territory.  
Yes, Buhari has the right to hold any view he likes, or to outline any diplomatic position for his Nigeria as long as that Nigeria does not include Biafrans and Biafraland. Biafrans advise that he should be well informed that Biafrans are no longer part of the irrationality called Nigeria. For Biafrans, Nigeria is already an expired territory and so Buhari and his cohorts should no longer pretend to speak for them. Biafrans insist they reserve the right to take and stake their own position on such issues.
Buhari’s stance on the Israeli-Palestine conflict is similar to that of many Arabs countries (Palestines are Arabs), who want to take over the world. Qatar is believed to be one of the major backers of Palestine including backing Hamas which governs Gaza. However, there are countries like United States of America (USA) that support Israel, seeing the two-state solution as unjust.
Some of such countries are conversant with the history of that piece of land. Some of such countries understood that Palestinians were aliens to the land of Israel and had lived on the land as visitors. Such countries equally understood that Arabs occupy up to 98 per cent of middle-east lands, which they took by force from the original owners. Such countries knew that it would be unjust to allow Arabs take over the only remaining Hebrew land.
Of course, it is not a surprise that Buhari took the position in Qatar. Fulani people, his people, have been doing exactly the same thing in Biafraland since 1967. Biafrans are not under any illusions.
Nigeria/Fulani Army personnel invading Biafraland
They are fully aware that the Fulanis have no qualms about stealing what belongs to other people. Biafrans know how Fulanis (in connivance with the Yoruba) have been successfully stealing their oil and gas fields. Biafrans know that the current drive of the Fulani, represented by Buhari, is the physical takeover of Biafranlands as they did to the Hausa people (their slaves) in the North.
Biafrans protesting for Nigeria to leave their territory
Biafrans have risen and they are standing against it. For many of them, who have been reacting to Buhari’s Sunday statement, they neither support Buhari on that position nor stand for Fulanis to steal their own land. That is why they are saying that on Buhari’s position on the two-state Israeli/Palestinian conflict, he must count Biafra out.

By Tim Tochukwu
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