After barely nine (9) months in office, Mr. Buhari is yet to make official announcement on the day he will finally visit niGeria (which niGerians are furiously waiting) since he has chosen to use five (5) different continents (Asia, Canada, Europe, America and Africa) as his extended offices. Apart from going for vacation, health medical check and niGeria-abroad-abuse trips, Mr. Muhammadu Buhari since assumed office as president of niGeria has toured the world in quest for honour, recognition, shopping, and abuse on his fellow citizens while the country entrusted to him to protect lives and properties (as primary obligation) is resting in doom.
As giant of Africa the contraption called Nigeria claims to be, has turned to most mocked in Africa. Since Mr. Buhari's regime, there has been sift price inflation all over the country. 
Every goods and farm produces has automatically attracted %50 hike both locally and internationally made products. 
Investment has been staged at stardom as dollar control the entire operation of the system and the federal government have no clue on how to go about it rather, it claim to have confirm that the state of the economy is rightly out of control according to Lie Mohammed the current minister of information.
Inspite of all these, the president has no remorse to apologize to its citizens on the depicted state of the economy rather he chose to go abroad to insult and humiliate the citizens. As part of his selfish interest of clicking to power, he broke the Leary of his people on Monday when he achieve one of his earnest goals by receiving an honour from Guinea president despite the condition (herdsmen killings, fuel scarcity, unlawful arrest and detention, masked soldiers invading and killing innocent Biafran, vandalization of vendors newspaper bearing Biafra reports, price inflation, etc) he kept his citizens.
President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo of Equatorial Guinea said that the honour was conferred on President Buhari for his “personal integrity, exemplary leadership style and courage to fight terrorism in order to ensure peace and safety in Africa”.
Receiving the news on Monday, niGerians cried out on social media to reject the undeserved honour reason bearing that Mr. Buhari has done nothing tangible to be accorded with such rated honour from Guinea president. All those comments are credited to some of the citizens who use social tools to express their feelings:
1. Onam's Josh 'hehehe buhari don dey go school, things dey spoil for the country yet he dey go collect certificate from another country? where he wan take am work becos no company for nigeria again becos of light oh.... lol"
2. Samson Igwe "d mumu is receiving honour while nigerians is dying of hunger fuel scarcity evry wer nd he dnt care abt it"
3. Andy Ifeanyi "Honour for doing what bikokwnu? as the highiest destablizer? Chaiii, Africa is useless"
4. Fabian Ugwu "Honor is now for sale in equatorial Guinea. Equatorial Guinea simply sold it to the highest bidder"
5. Atam Victor "give him brain not only honour ,imajine the reason he visit malabo is because of niger-delta and no single representative or governor from that region among is entourage and is not jamboree vis
6. Ok Isaac Goodluck "Hope they wl also offer him a brain? Bcos Buhari is just after Honour & Power..No ideals.."
7. Humphrey Okeke "And highest embarrassment in world summit"
8. Wisdom Nwamkwo "A beg make una follow me laugh..hoihoihoihoihoih"
9. Sandra Uchekwo "And lowest in his country! This is sad..." 10. KC Fred Ezugu "Rubbish,president of forign trips"
11. Prince Goodluck Dim "Iet him receive in his country, charity began at home."
12. Loveday Reuben "Honor my ass!that's why he likes traveling"
13. Friday Okokon "Home on fire"
These and many more were ranted on the handle on the nation newspaper which they posted early morning of Tuesday just to impress their Party leader and media thug leader Buhari, not knowing that the people of Indigenous People of Biafra has all the brooms it takes to unravel every content of truths swept under their carpets. The only head way and hope is Biafra, Biafra is our home. Free Nnamdi Kanu!

Edited by Udeagha Obasi
For UmuChiukwu Writers
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