Honestly I have personally learnt a lot from this unfolding case that what it actually takes to be alive is to look at your enemy eyeball to eyeball and make him understand you are ready to die than to live the life of cowards. Mr Kanu, you have really shown the world that Nigerian government knows the truth that under an ideal trial they cannot build a strong case against your agitation for a republic of Biafra and this accounts for the seeming frustration on the side of the DSS, General Buhari, and Justice John Tosho. Imagine the frustration on the side of the judge too who is even subscribing to the celestial orders i.e the spiritual heavenly bodies of which God Almighty and His Angels are in charge for adjudication. 

You now see why Mr Kanu has always told all that he was actually on this mission because Chukwu Okike Abiama (God of creation) sent him. The judge has inadvertently admitted that any fight against this course is directly a fight against the celestial bodies. The confused judge was begging celestial powers to save him from the hot coal case. The world is watching him for posterity sake and he is between the devil and the deep blue sea. 
Recall that
1. Nnamdi has been granted bail by 2 courts of jurisdiction but was denied freedom by the tyranny of Buhari and his agents of DSS.

2. He is being unlawfully detained even as the confused Justice Tosho is still presiding over the case because of huge brown envelope he has received from his employers.

3. The same Justice Tosho ruled against a secret trial and masquerade witnesses only to turn back and approve it after his pockets were padded.


The children of the innocent unarmed protesters Buhari and his bandits of Army and Police killed will find them and pay them back. No amount of security can watch them all for the rest of their lives 24/7. The days of killing innocent people and getting away with it is over. Nnamdi is a Hero in spite the Injustices he has been subjected to by Justice John Tosho.

The unseriousness, levity and chagrin of the federal government prosecutors further reinforce Kanu's assertion that this country is indeed a zoo. How can the prosecutor turn in a handwritten note? You were given 3 weeks to produce the said witnesses, you stupidly showed up today with no witness, instead, you came with a handwritten note of your bribed witness. You are insane. If I were the judge, I will throw your unserious ass losers in jail but the judge played by the game and granted it, what a miscarriage of justice. Kanu has won this case especially with the embarrassment from the federal government. I am sure over 50 million naira was allocated for this trial to these thieving merchants in the name of prosecutors. If you are proud of this country, you should have your head examined. What a country, occupied and run by unserious, nonchalant losers! No wonder nothing good has come out of this country, can't even put together a simple case.

Here comes the kicker: DSS brazenly threatens to kill the defence counsel. What a country! Nnamdi Kanu, CONGRATULATIONS. You will be acquitted by God who sent you on this journey and by any conscientious  judge who is on the side of truth, You have done your own part, The seed has been planted, The harvesters await the harvest season because no one but God can stop the flow now. Have you ever noticed? There is just something about this man that baffles Buhari, DSS and John Tosho! Even in the face of all the hurdles and trials, he looks so strong, confident and resilient! It is understandable that in the zoo called Nigeria, comparative truth is sour. I weep for Justice Tsoho because he is manipulating the case to favour his employers but God is watching keenly. You must resign from this case because this is pure miscarriage of justice. God doesn't support the mixture of weeds and crops, he favours division, which was why he created heaven and hell, separated the Israelites from the Egyptians, rather than fusing them into one nation, he even had to divide the red sea to do that, and made Moses rebel against Pharoah. So obviously he uses rebels to create divisions, when he must separate his people from Egyptians. You know not God.

Having keenly followed the case of Nnamdi Kanu and Ors vs the zoo-Nigeria, it is obvious that the case was dead on arrival. Before approaching Justice John Tsoho, the zoo government had, on their own, approached two other courts and these courts have freed Kanu and Ors in the interest of justice and fear of God. It is important to note that one of those courts previously approached, that declared Kanu and Ors innocent, is also a federal high just as the one being presided over by Justice Tsoho. Justice Tsoho has now seen the clandestine game being played by the zoo-Nigerian government and has personally beckoned on the celestial powers (God Almighty himself) to come and deliver the judgment. This means that anything short of toeing the line of the two previous courts is not a miscarriage of justice.


By Ezekwereogu john

Edited by Oghenevwe Onoriode 
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