The awesome protest in London

Agitation for a free Biafra is no longer just demonstrations; it is now taking a new dimension and turning into what some people have described as celebrations and carnivals. They point to the last two protests in Italy and London to buttress their point.
The Biafra Telegraph learnt that those two international protests by Biafrans – in Italy, last Sunday, February 28; and yesterday in London Wednesday, March 2 – were so successful and effective that they have turned the African Hitler, Muhammadu Buhari, into a bag of nerves.
Hardcore Biafrans at the protest
The London protests yesterday, which was led by Uche Mefor, the Deputy Leader of IPOB and Radio Biafra, came in two waves; one hit the British Parliament, and the other hit the Nigerian High Commission (Embassy). Huge, ecstatic and excited crowd of Biafrans with Biafran flags, placards, and array of beautiful colours, brightened and lightened up London streets on the day.

No wonder report reaching The Biafra Telegraph revealed that Nigerian seat of power is no longer at ease with the protests. After Buhari’s government tried to jam Radio Biafra and to buy up its signals carrier – Satlinks – and failed, he had promised to neutralize Biafrans; but now, from all indications, it has not worked out for him. Developments have shown that the more he tried to contain the Biafrans the more they spread out from more dangerous angles.

Yesterday’s protests of Wednesday, March 2, was successful as Biafrans came out with so much singing and dancing; and ecstatic speeches that “wowed” the public. The protesting Biafrans were eventually joined by British Member of Parliament (MP) Angela Rayner, who was seen kneeling with the people and hugging them in love.
When it was time for her to speak, she did not mince words: “I will speak on behalf of myself as a member of Parliament, what I will say to you is that I love everybody and I think that what fills my heart for your love is that in spite of what has happened, you people have protested in a good way; in a Christian way and have tried to raise your issues with Italy.”
Rayner: Kneeling with Biafrans
Continuing, she said she had referred the Biafran case to Amnesty International, the world renowned human rights group, which did not waver in taking up the case. Rayner also said that she would never relent in using everything at her disposal to work for the Biafrans, and then urged the people not to relent in their agitation because it was for a good and noble cause.
“Keep speaking out; keep shouting, and keep hope with your course because it is a good one; it is a true one, and hopefully; God willing, one day you will get justice”
Emma Nmezu, Attorney at Law in the United Kingdom, who is also one of the two official Spokespersons of IPOB worldwide, told her that Biafrans were peaceful people, “but get disappointed that Britain is supporting (radical) Islam”. He said he has often wondered whether Britain was a “Christian country or if it is Islamic”. He however thanked Rayner and assured her that Biafrans love her.
Colourful Biafrans in high spirits
When Emeka Onyebuchi, Coordinator of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in the United Kingdom spoke to The Biafra Telegraph, he said the demonstrations have assumed a new dimension in which Biafrans now look forward to every demonstration day “which is now becoming more than a carnival”. He said it was getting easier to mobilize Biafrans for the protests.

Speaking further, he said that Buhari thought that by holding Nnamdi Kanu captive that Biafrans and Biafra agitation would be neutralized, but did not know that it would amount putting fuel on the fire. “What he has done is rather bringing Biafrans together for special bonding” he added. 
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  1. The world is corrupt. No truth in their mind when they have economic interest in Africa. Biafra must stand God willing.


  3. The light will always triumph over darkness. Conscience will always triumph over Conciencelessness. The time of actualization may seem ages, may look dormant but will surely come.

  4. Whoever does not know what biafra is or when it will be restored should go and read the animal farm.

  5. I thank God for the journey say far, step by step we are winning the battle not by strength nor by power but by the Power and the Name of Almighty Chukwu Okike Abiama,@ the end, we shall have all course to Glorify God for ever Amen.