When President Muhammadu Buhari disclaimed Nigerians as a criminal infested
country, I was one of those who staunchly rejected it. Not because, like
all other countries, we do not have criminals, but because our President,
like our Information minister is paid to be our chief image maker. It is
disheartening to make such statements about my country, but I have to
considering the reality. And as a free soldier, I am not paid to protect
our image.
It has been over two months since the Zaria massacre. The Islamic movement
has released a list of 705 missing human beings. 200 citizens of our
barbaric country have been detained extrajudicially since the massacre and
are now being framed. Parents do not know where their children are and
breadwinners are either detained or dead and secretly mass-buried, leaving
children without a clue where their parents are. And Nigerians continue to
go about their business like all is OK. Nigeria is indeed a nation of
barbarians. No regular human beings will watch such monstrous injustice and
be easy and indifferent to it.
I am not a Shia Muslim, nor a Sunni Muslim. I am a human being. What
happened and continues to happen to the Nigerian citizens in Zaria is an
abomination. Boko Haram did not kill 45,000 Nigerians (according to CFR
figures) by accident. The success of terror in Nigeria is a result of our
being barbarians. We watched as Boko Haram bombed Churches, then we watched
as Boko Haram killed all and sundry because we are barbaric. We did not
rise up against Boko Haram. We played politics with the terror on both
sides of the isle as our animal nature permeated. We are not interested in
going after the sponsors of Boko Haram because we love them.
Taiwo Ogundipe in the Nation newspaper revealed in 2012 that Boko Haram
received funds from Saudi Arabia, from Governor Ibrahim Shekarau and
governor Isa Yuguda among others. We watch these men and do not press for
justice…because we are apes. This is the plain bitter truth. Nigerians
are a wicked and unrepentant rotten breed of the type that inhabits the
black hole of Calcutta.
Our eyes are dimmed by sectarian and other fanatic, evil divides. We look
at the Zaria massacre and refer to the victims as “them.” That group. Those
miscreants who do not deserve to be alive. We ourselves do not deserve to
be alive. We are the scum of humanity. A disgrace. I am using the most
polite words to write this article. English lacks words terrible enough to
classify what we are as a people…or the low level we are in the animal
The Kaduna probe is a ruse and we all know it. People are looking for their
loved ones. What is a probe? Is there not supposed to be an urgent and
active police investigation going on right now to find who is dead, where
the dead are buried and who is alive? Where is the investigation as we go
about our business? Barbarians! Plain and simple. How can the whereabouts
of our fellow citizens of such a large number be unknown and we act
regular? When one lady went missing in Abuja recently, we all clamored to
find her. We hashtagged and twitted, looking for her. Glory to God she was
found. We are pretenders. Hypocrites and liars. 705 people are missing and
300-1000 are dead and we do not give a damn, because “some of them tapped
the chest of our army chief”…or because some of them protested and
barricaded a street with sticks and stones, after we had massacred them the
year before. Oh, they were a pest so kill them right? Animals!
The Nigerian military massacred not only those who blocked the street.
Let’s say that was OK, even though it was not. The army and Kaduna
government went ahead to rape, burn and in other ways massacre more with
bombs and all sorts of weapons at three other sites: in the Husainiyyah
complex, at Gyellesu and Darul Rahma burial ground. Then demolished their
structures and exhumed their graves. And there is no active investigation
and we sit and eat dinner thinking we are human beings? We are animals, we
drink blood. We are neither Muslims nor Christians because the followers of
Jesus, peace be upon him and Mohammed, peace be upon him, will Never behave
as we do. Two whole months! We are the rats who wrote the budget. Who is
fooling who?
Fellow barbarian, I hail you oh.
Dr Peregrino Brimah @EveryNigerian
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