Nigeria's rejected crude drums
Panic and lamentations in government quarters have continued to mount as world buyers of crude oil ignores Nigeria’s crude, as a result of several factors traceable to the imminent exit of the new nation of Biafra from Nigeria. Most painful for many government officials, is the report which states that while Asian traders were mopping up Angola’s crude oil, Nigeria’s crude remains untouched by them and several other world buyers.
Biafrans have severally made it known to governments and companies of the world that doing business and signing contracts with Nigeria concerning the oil and gas in Biafraland would be a great risk for them to take. Biafrans have advised that such countries and companies steer clear of Nigeria, and rather go directly to Biafrans (owners of the resources) to sign the contracts and agreements with them.
To make matters worse, the last force majeure declared by SHELL Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDC), at Forcados leading point; and the bombing of pipelines at some parts of Ijaw in Biafra, have convinced many of them that Biafrans mean business.
Bombed pipeline
The dare situation in the country’s balance of trade has also, in a way, affected Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation’s (NNPC) attempt at getting a long-term agreements to have Nigerian crude exchanged for imported oil products. Fresh deals are reported to have been hard in coming, which also puts the country at risk of gasoline shortages.
There were also reports that the country’s Erha programme has only materialized after weeks of delays, which traders were alleging to be related to a disagreement between state oil firm NNPC and the field operator, Exxon-Mobil.
These tales of woes have made many Nigerians to lose faith in the country’s ability to surmount its problems. Many Nigerian officials, who have lost faith in the ability of the country’s President, Muhammadu Buhari to make any meaningful impact in changing the fortunes of the country, have resorted to prayers. In fact, information reaching Biafra Choice Writers showed that as a major reason why they advised Buhari to seek divine help through prayers while in Saudi Arabia – where he was said to have  gone to take delivery of arms sold to him by Britain.

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