Dictator Buhari remains the Hitler of the 21st century. Some reasons why the world decided to practice Democracy is to stop Tyranny, Dictatorship and Hitlers  like the illiterate Buhari. The world must remind Buhari the meaning of democracy and stop him now. Media outfits and world powers should mount serious campaign against this murderer who has vowed to live by the blood of innocent unarmed Biafra peaceful protesters  and Shiites Muslims in cold blood. His name is Muhamadu Buhari, the replica of German Hitler. He pledged to abide by the rule of law and democracy, but he throws them to the bin after assuming office as Nigerian president in May, 2015. He is unrepentant dictator of them all. 
Buhari has mobilised the relocation of his army headquarters to Aba, Abia state in preparation to bomb and attack civilians in Biafraland again, in this present democratic dispensation 2016, as he did in 1968, when he bombed civilians targets.... refugee camps, Churches, market places and hospitals during which over six million lives were lost. Since 1968 Buhari has never changed. Instead he embraces terrorist group and recruited them into Nigerian Army for his own selfish agenda. The terrorist group is called Boko Haram. One of his aims of doing that is to kill Biafran Christians and forcibly converts the rest to Islam as he vowed to Islamize the whole country.


On his maiden presidential media chat Buhari made it clear that he is a dictator. Instead of obeying court orders, he ordered the court to charge Nnamdi Kanu for treason, an offence reserved to only those who plot and overthrow a legitimate democratically elected government like himself. 
We are calling on the world powers, US, EU, AU, United Nations, Human Right and other important world organisations to to prevail on Buhari to respect the principles of democracy and respect international laws of fundamental human rights. Buhari's administration is provocative and continues to trample on Human Right of the citizenry which he pledged to protect. 

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The Nigeria Magistrate court and High court respectively, discharged and acquitted Nnamdi Kanu, but Buhari, bent on jailing Kanu refused to allow him to go. Instead Buhari sought and got Justice John Tsoho who accepted 100 million Naira bribe to jail Prince Nnamdi Kanu guilty or not. As at today Justice John is dancing to Buhari's tunes, having also found Nnamdi Kanu guilty before trial, just as Buhari in his maiden presidential media chat did even before Kanu was charged with the offence called treasonable felony. The judge had on 29th of January 2016 found Nnamdi Kanu guilty without trial and denied him bail with hopeless excuse that he has dual citizenships. Biafrans have seen needs for Justice Tsoho to stand down on the case or give a fair judgement. It is very pathetic that even the DSS, the Nigeria's highest intelligent  outfit did not know the crime Nnamdi Kanu committed before they got him arrested on Oct. 14, 2015. The DSS dropped charges of criminal conspiracy and ownership of an unlawful society,  against Kanu and also withdrew the second charge against him on terrorism. The fact that it took over three months for DSS to find a crime Nnamdi Kanu could be charged is a clear indication that Nnamdi Kanu never committed the offence which he was charged.

Written  By  Ubah Basil
Edited  Ikechukwu  Nwaorisa
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