The German government is about to start supplying Nigeria military hardware  to combat the niger delta avengers, This development comes as the Permanent Secretary, German Foreign Office, Mr. Markus Elderer, stated this in Abuja at the meeting of defence session of the Nigeria-Germany Bi-National Commission Where they agreed to help Nigeria to supply military hardware, Ammunitions and also help in training military personnel.

Nigeria is corrupt and the president a dictator and jihadist, they  have been multiple human right abuses and gruesome genocide committed by the Nigerian military, therefore, any weapon given to the Nigerian military will be used on innocent civilians, the proof is there, the Tyranny in the so called Nigeria president Muhammadu Buhari is on a very large scale.

Last week on May 30th 2016, over 100 innocent harmless  Biafran youths was shot dead by the Nigerian military and their bodies taken away to a mass grave in bid to destroy the evidence, these are youths who have done nothing or committed no crime at all, they only gathered to honor their fallen heroes, millions of Biafrans who died during the 3 years Nigeria-Biafra civil war which left over 3 million dead. not to mention the Aba massacre on Feb 9, 2016, or the December 17, massacre or the August 30th killings in Onitsha last year, the list just keep going on and on. Buhari is a killer and a terrorist without any human compassion.

The Niger Delta Freedom fighter which he recently bent on destroying at all cost simply because they are demanding for freedom and for the release of Nnamdi Kanu the leader of IPOB who have been illegally detained by Buhari against court orders.

There have been series of, killings, illegal abduction , abuses and injustice surrounding the Buhari administration since he came to power in 2015, which has been proven beyond reasonable doubt to be the most unreliable and failed government in the Nigerian history.  Buhari is a renowned dictator and tyrant  who is fantastically corrupt as described by David Cameron on his visit to UK, we are sounding this as a warning let no government of the world supply arms to Buhari, he will only use it against innocent citizens, he goes around campaigning for arms to subdue Boko haram the northern terrorist group which he is a founder and core supporter.

WARNING! Let it be known to the world that any blood spilled by the Nigerian military hence  forth using any of these arms which will be given to Buhari, the German government is to be held accountable.

By Uchechi Collins
For IPOB writers
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  1. If America, Britain, Germany, and the other Christian. Countries all over the world, who loves the truth and care to implement the truth with love of God. Let them stop deceiving themselves by saying that expired Nigeria, should try to negotiate for peace, just because where you're getting your richness within the Biafra oil land is affecting you now by the freedom fighters. If really there's truth in all your mouths and in your hearts, capitalize in the freedom of Biafra and releasing of Nnamdi KANU the leader of indigenous people of Biafra and the other Biafra's who are kidnapped and torturing within the Biafra lands by Muhammadu Buhari and his murderous agent's. The only negotiations is to let the three republics Biafra, Oduduwa, Arewa, go their separate ways, also let the world bring the murderers against Biafra's to the world justice, with the truth. All Biafra's please remain resolute, in one love, focus, motivated, don't allow enemies the chief hypocrites, oppressors, intimidators, nonentities, inexperience in the administration to deceive any one of us. That's only dangerous weapons they are fighting to use. Also any countries who saw all the atrocities committed against Biafra by expired Nigeria government, and still have in mind to be supplying weapons to Nigeria, then should have in mind that they have declared themselves enemies of Biafra and enemies of Human Rights.

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